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Privacy Statement


You may know us as Agricole Oil or as Oil Consolidation, both of which are trading names for Agricole Oil Limited. We are based at 41 Broad Street, Great Cambourne, Cambridge, CB23 6DH. You can phone us on 01954 719452 or email

We are Brokers.

When you want heating oil we will do the leg work and negotiate, using our price leverage and knowledge, to get you the best price.

In addition to providing brokering for your individual oil orders, from time to time we run a large pool order for which we naturally have even more price leverage, and so you get your oil at an even better price.

We also broker boiler servicing.

We only collect and store information that we need for operating this business. That includes your name and contact details, address and access details, and your requirements for oil or servicing.

We may contact you to discuss an individual order, or to let you know that there is a time window for a pool order.

When we find a supplier to meet your needs, we will provide them with the information that they need to supply your order.

As with any trading business, we keep records of deals that we have made, both for internal audit and accounting purposes and to meet H.M. Revenue &Customs requirements.

In addition we may use that data, in depersonalised form, for audit or for internal analysis of trends within our business.

Most of your data is visible, and amendable by you online if you log into your account. If you need to change any data that you cannot find a way to change online, or would like to discuss any other aspect of data privacy or data security, then please contact us as above.

Our web server and the associated database is hosted in a 3rd party data centre within the EU. All control of and processing of that data, for example to send out pricing for a bulk order, is done by ourselves.

In the unlikely event that we are required to do so, we may provide data to law enforcement agencies.

When your data is no longer relevant to our business, we will delete it. So, for example if you close your account, we will delete your contact information, but will for as long as relevant, retain transaction history information.

Our web site only uses cookies to help it provide functionality for you. We will not use cookies to help us track you or to otherwise know about you.

That is it. We make no other use of your data. We do not supply it, or facilitate its use, for any other purpose.


It’s your data.

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