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Pay less for heating oil. We organize a tanker for lots of deliveries on the same day. The supplier cuts his costs and his carbon footprint, we negotiate a discount.

Don't run out. Members receive email notification of upcoming orders. The simple reminder reduces the chance of running out.

Get timely deliveries. We organize orders outside the peak periods so deliveries run smoothly.

Let someone else shop around for the best price.  We bargain with up to a dozen suppliers.  You buy oil anyway. Pay less for it.

Click the Join This Syndicate button and fill in the form. Don't miss out, join now.  Don't delay.  Don't come back with an empty tank, to find you missed the order deadline.  You'll pay full price for your oil.


Upcoming Orders

Upcoming order dates are not yet announced.

Our Orders

Order DeadlineOrder QuantityOur Price (p) (750L and up)Single Order Price (p)Saving per litre (p)Saving per centSaving (£)
05Aug12 8750.00 56.4557.741.292.23 113.00
03Sep12 1000.00 60.3861.851.472.38 15.00
08Oct12 500.00 61.2062.100.901.45 4.00
02Dec12 1000.00 61.2564.503.255.04 32.00
03Mar13 1000.00 64.5066.401.902.86 19.00
07Apr13 700.00 67.5067.500.000.00 0.00
05May13 1000.00 54.8656.962.103.69 21.00
21Nov13 3200.00 56.3058.001.702.93 54.00
19Mar14 2000.00 52.9554.531.582.90 32.00

The 'street price' is the average quoted by local suppliers for an individual 750 litre order on the day we ordered.  The 'street price' for smaller orders (less than 750 litres) is higher, usually by about 2-3p/litre, so savings are larger.


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