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Group Buying gets Best Price on Cheap Heating Oil


Looking for cheap Central Heating Oil?

Always buy at a competitive price? 

Pay only a low discounted bulk purchase price.

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How the Oil Syndicate Gets You the Best Discount Price


When a group of householders, in the same area, buy at the same time, for delivery on the same day, they can negotiate a discount with the supplier.  This can be significant - in the winter, savings up to 8p/litre.  If your tank is small, then the savings are greatest as the supplier incurs a fixed cost to send a tanker to your home, and charge more per litre.

The supplier saves money by sending a vehicle to the area and emptying it. Their vehicle covers fewer miles; their driver spends more time pumping oil and less time driving between customers. Their costs are reduced and that saving is shared with the group. You can also feel ecologically better about it too. There will be fewer lorry movements in your area.

How to find a group in your area and join? 

To check if there is a syndicate local to you, use our interactive map.  

If there is, then take the link for the most appropriate syndicate offered, which will take you to a page for that syndicate, from where you should use the large yellow button,  Join this syndicate, to both register on the site and to configure your account to use your chosen syndicate.

Members get notification emails whenever the group plans its monthly order run. Join your local syndicate NOW so that you don’t miss out. 

If there is no syndicate in your area, then email me NOW at

Even more enthusiastic?  Start a group in your area! It'll get you and all your friends and neighbours a lower price.   I'll help you get started.

Jeremy Cole:


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